1. GameFi 2.0

a. GameFi.

GameFi is a combination of traditional game and financial market liquidity. It is a blend of 2 traditional player communities and Play to Earn players into one.
But in the current development stage of the GameFi market, GameFi products are not doing that. They have created a copy of the traditional product and built it on the BlockChain system, thereby invisibly separating the two. The imbalance in the player system in the GameFi world is creating a serious problem.
Participants in GameFi are purely financial. That is, traditional players who want to participate have been blocked at the door by one factor, that is, "must invest NFT" to be able to play the game means there are only players involved because of its financial nature, which leads to an imbalance in the economy in the game.

b. New generation : GameFi 2.0 - Hybrid GameFi

At Boom Max, we blend two player files together in the same game ecosystem. When starting to participate in the Boom Max world, players can experience the full features completely for free, and in contrast, investors - Pay to earn players can also experience all the features of the Boom Max world without any obstacles.
For us, the traditional players are the core of the world because they are the potential players with a high rate of converting to the Free to Earn system or even becoming the Investor - Pay to earn and vice versa.
Not only that, Boom Max has a detailed roadmap for developing the traditional gamer community with offline events such as ESPORT and building a multi-tiered currency system based on the model of his predecessor, Mir. 4. We are one of the few games on the gamefi market that currently implements this model.
From those facts, we are confident that Boom Max is THE KING OF BOMB GAMES on the GameFI market.