IIDS (Items Identification System) is a game operation control system developed by Boom Max itself. The purpose is to control the transparency of the distribution of items and digital assets in the game.
Due to the use of blockchain technology, items will be double-identified by a unique NFT blockchain code. As a result, they cannot be replaced or repaired, providing optimal transparency. Public and transparent information: Anyone (even not in the game) can check all the information of items in the game, such as: Item Code, Serial, NFT Code (If any), User (UID) owned, owned ever since.

3.2 - Why did we develop this system?

In the past and present, the appearance of many game publishers that are not transparent, even cheating on the distribution and trading of in-game assets, leads to the following negative consequences:
Inflation of items leads to a decrease in investment value in terms of both money and time. Not transparent, public release number, transfer history, transactions for players. Causing psychological insecurity, even loss of confidence in a large number of players From the very beginning, Boom Max's idea was transparency. Everything in Boom Max must be real - quality, even from the smallest number of achievements such as: Win rate, Level ... to protect fairness, asset safety for users who invest: money, time Boom Max entry time.
"Virtual Game - Real Property - Real Value"

3.3 - Some typical functions of IIDS

The main functions of IIDS:
  • Check all the Users who own a certain property
  • Released quantity / Limited quantity (if any)
  • Transfer history
  • REPORT system if the gamer detects a suspicious item that is not in the IIDS but has an owner -> Let the whole gamer community monitor the operation of Boom Max transparently.