2. WCP

WCP - WEHA common platform
In order to enhance the gamer experience throughout the touchpoints, Boom Max builds an independent payment management and account management system (for RUBY top-up method)
2.1 - WEHA ID
( Phân tầng quản trị của WEHA ID )
Each user only needs to register a WEHA ID account to use all services, as well as all different game products.
With WEHA ID, it is possible to create up to 5 in-game accounts. Users do not need to remember the accounts and passwords of all their game accounts, including different games, because WEHA ID is essentially an identity provider that manages This password manager and provider will confirm identity to all games, related websites, and WEHA PAY loading gateways.
Manage financial information securely with multi-layer security technologies: Password, OTP SMS, Google AU2, …
2.2 - WEHA PAY
Payment management gateway: Multi-channel RUBY top-up gateway(Visa, Banking, Paypal, MoMo...), manage transaction history, complaints...
To use WEHA PAY, users need to have a previous WEHA ID account.
2.3 - WEHA COM
Communication activities: chat, call audio, connect, etc.! In-game notifications, out-of-game applications, etc. are synchronized through the WEHA COM platform and synchronized with WEHA ID, helping users to be convenient and consistent throughout the process of using inside / outside the environment. game school.