4.6. Guild

A. Overview:

Gather like-minded players under the same roof to develop and explore the Boom Max universe.
Guilds start with a maximum capacity of 15 members, and increase with guild level.
Max level: level 10.

B. Benefits of joining a Guild:

  • Reward: As a member of the Guild, the player receives a daily reward corresponding to the contribution points.
  • Guild Aura: The most practical benefit is to enjoy exclusive guild buffs such as increased experience, increased gold, or material drop rate when participating in Campaign ......
  • Guild Event : Activities that only a member of a Guild has the right to participate in such as Guild Dungeon, Guild War, ... along with attractive rewards.

C. Features:

  • Quest: Every day the guild issues a number of tasks for members, completing them helps the guild increase accumulated points and contribute spoils to the accumulation store for the process of leveling up.
  • Resource Dedication: Guild members donate materials or resources to the Guild inventory and receive corresponding contribution points.
  • Contribution Points : Evaluate the member's contribution level and receive corresponding rewards periodically.
  • Level Up : Active members help increase the accumulated points of the Guild. Can use resources that guild members donate or gain during guild quests to level up the guild.