4.5. Gaming Social Network-GSK


The integration of social networks into the game is one of the prerequisites to help the game develop stably and sustainably. It is a trend and is deployed by big players in the game industry, such as PUBG, Freefire…
The social networking functions will help gamers connect and communicate with each other in a more authentic way than ever before.
In Boom Max, this is a key element carefully invested in by the team. Because:
  • Boom is a casual game genre, gender and age are very diverse.
  • In addition to participating in matches, Boomer also regularly spends time on activities to exchange and make friends. (Chatting in the waiting room, the square ...)
Social Network in Boom Max functions:
1 - Communication form:
  • Through contacts, texting, calling, following friends...
  • Notifications in the mobile version are like a social network, helping Boomer stay connected to the game without logging in.
2 - Tường :
  • Players can freely post articles on their own message boards or interact on friends' message boards.
  • Post mode setting system (only visible to friends, public...)
3 - Spectator mode and gift giving:
  • These are the functions in many live App, cleverly integrated into the game by Boom Max to promote interaction between Boomers.
  • In spectator mode, players can watch the matches of their favorite players, or simply stop by to watch a certain round in their spare time.
  • In addition to recording words of encouragement to the players, players can also give a "Rose" with a wish that can not be more praised for the favorite player.
4 - Store and share:
  • The system has a replay mode after each match so that users can review and share great highlights with friends.
  • This function can be turned off/on in the settings.
5 - Matching dating and matchmaking mode
  • With Boom Max, users can configure pairing criteria: Age, location, interests, playing characters, etc. to find a suitable partner, both in-game and as friends. When can you be a lover in real life