1.2. Power

Boom Max - a mysterious universe where forces are always fighting each other.

a. Government of Pigeon

  • Government power
  • Amber Headquarters takes 40% of the territorial power in the Boom Max universe
  • Maintain the cause of protecting the residents as the root
  • Credo: All beings are equal. "Good" is praised. Evil must be punished

b. Thorn Army

  • Cruel dictatorship
  • Mega Thorn Headquarters holds 40% of Boom Max universe territory and is in the process of expanding
  • Using a dictatorial policy, appropriating unlimited resources Always silently hunting for the gems of power
  • Credo: Thorn the Great and the country are the only things that exist, The other beings are just trash

c. Space Thieves

  • The power of the outlaws
  • Headquarters Unknown
  • Area of ​​operation: Where there is money, there are thieves
  • As the underground business force of the Boom Max universe, holding the multidimensional link technology in hand.
  • Credo: Money can buy everything

d. Space Dwellers

  • Including many different races, big and small
  • Belonging to many different forces Living within the Boom Max universe

e. Space Monster

  • On each planet, in addition to the races, there are also many dangerous, mysterious monsters with countless superpowers.