3.3. Operation philosophy

A. Mission.
  • With the traditional gamer community:
    • Create a monument to the bomb game genre around the world
    • Reborn a legendary game, saving the nostalgia of millions of gamers waiting
  • With the investor community - GameFi
    • Bringing the right value of Blockchain, NFT when applied to the game
    • Catching the wave of fi 2.0 games - contributing to reaffirm the community's trust in Vietnamese studios
B. Vision.
  • The most popular and beloved bomb game of all time
  • Global release in 10 countries and over 5 million users after 3 years of release.
C. Core Value.
  • Love: Love, kind to gamers, investors, team and society
  • Wisdom: Wisdom to create right thinking, right thinking, and right action
  • Honest: Think honestly, speak honestly and act honestly
  • Ambitious: Focus on overall value, long-term great aspirations instead of short-term pragmatic interests
  • Offort: Achievements only come from concentrated labor, we always work hard every hour to have an effective day, month, and year.
  • Change: The speed of change must be faster than the rate of change of the market, discarding the past achievements to become more and more perfect and meet the growing expectations of users.